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Hostel II on Blu-ray and DVD trailer

HostellPII-DVD.jpgHostel II is out now on Blu-ray and DVD and looking at the trailer for the new version it looks like there's quite a bit of footage that we haven't seen.

This trailer promises to be bloodier and nastier and...well I'll leave it to the trailer to tell you. The site advertising this version also has a few extras in store for you. Some extremely bloody clips, plenty of interactivity, a game and some information on those extras.

There's going to be plenty on the DVD, including three audio commentaries, plenty of featurettes, deleted scenes and a blood and guts blooper reel. Here's the full list:

3 Commentaries
Making of Featurette (Hostel Part 2: The Next Level)
Special Effects Featurette (The Art of KNB)
Set Design Featurette
Blood and Guts Blooper Reel
International TV Special Featurette The Legacy Of Torture (history of torture, making the film in the mind of a killer)
The Treatment (Radio Interview with Eli Roth)
Deleted Scenes (The Trash Man, Whitney's Sketch, Whitney's Rant, The Plants, The Van, Rape Shower, The Tool Check Out Room, The Changing Room)

The film is released on DVD, Blu-ray and UMD for sale and rental in the UK, the cost a mere GB £19.99 and we're told that this will be the definitive edition, no double dipping here.

Although I don't think it was as powerful as the first nor as clever as it could have been, it is still an excellent horror that really pushes the boundaries of blood and gore on film. You can read my review right here, and see the full blood and guts DVD trailer over at the official site [Flash].



I assume you meant Hostel 2 not 3 :)

Well spotted Michael!


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