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Incredible Hulk plot revealed

Hulk.jpgThere's a huge scoop this morning for The Incredible Hulk plot, and I have to warn you that almost the entire story is given out in this latest inside rumour.

Well not the entire story, it builds up to the reveal of the Abomination and the capture of Bruce Banner by the Army, and I think that's about all I can safely tell you.

What does come through in the write up for The Incredible Hulk is that the story sounds strong, and as long as no one turns into water monsters, this might turn out to be rather strong.

One concern I do have though is that there's a big mention of animals injected with Bruce's DNA, and the possibility of the Army getting their hands on them. Pray we're not getting some Hulked up animals in this one.

Latino Review have the write up, and there's no way I can even begin to quite what they have without taking the lot, so best to head over there and read it yourself – if you don't mind the spoilers that is.

Over at IESB they have a script review for The Incredible Hulk. Supposedly someone left a script lying around on set, it was picked up by a homeless person, and passed onto a cop where it made its way into the hands of the reviewer.

From the review it sounds very plausible and covers much of what we've heard above, but stops well before Banner is captured. It does say that the film is good, although the shots of the Hulk doing Parkour seem a bit much.



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