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Jackie Chan doesn't like Rush Hour

JackieChan.jpgAs Jackie Chan looks for a disciple to train, it seems he might want to distance himself a little from his Hollywood career.

In comments he reportedly made the other day he says that he wasn't a fan of the Rush Hour series, despite that his third appearance in that very series comes out soon.

In comments that he made on his blog which have been picked up across the Interflab, this one is from Seattle Post-Intelligencer through Topix, he says:

“When we finished filming, I felt very disappointed because it was a movie I didn't appreciate and I did not like the action scenes involved. I felt the style of action was too Americanized and I didn't understand the American humor”

Well that's the quote being banded around, but if you look above and below the quote, and I've included the link to his original piece so you can read it, you get a little bit of a different flavour. Here's his comment before:

“I still don’t quite understand some of the American humor that features a lot in this movie but maybe that’s because I come from a different culture. I spent 4 months making this film and I still don’t fully understand the humor.

I believe the majority of the Asian audience might not understand the humor either. But please don’t get me wrong. I absolutely enjoyed making this movie and I put a lot of effort into this film. Anyway, when I make an American movie, I make it for the European and American audience, not for the Jackie Chan audience in Asia or the Jackie Chan audience around the world.”

...and here's his comment after...

“But to my surprise, this movie was exceptionally successful in the box office and results were very pleasing. Because this movie was so popular, I was offered an irresistible amount of money to film the sequel and I could not say no. According to the box office, it turned out Rush Hour 2 was more successful than the first film, Rush Hour 1.

Filming part 3 was no longer about the money. To me, it was about making another sequel for the audience around the world because in each country I travel to, someone would always ask me, “When will you film another Rush Hour?” But when I‘m in Asia, a lot of people would ask me, “When will you film another Drunken Master?” Or “When will you film another Police Story?” No one asks me about filming another Rush Hour.

From what I have observed, I now understand the difference in movie tastes between the American/European audience and the Asian audience. Because of this, I choose different genres and make different types of movies according to the tastes of the audiences in different countries”

Now that puts the comment in a completely different context. While other stories are trying to say that he's unhappy with the entire series, this clearly shows that he never really understood some of the humour, but he clearly grew to appreciate the audience love for the films and has done this third one for the response they have received.

As you read his stories you get a sense of just how nice the guy really is. A different picture to the one that the media are trying to sell I think.



Well, the only good thing about the Rush Hour films is that there will be no more!! I have never understood the facsination Hollywood had for Chan. He is crap as an actor and his antics in "American movies" and "Chinese movies" are all the same slap/stick Kung Fu OTT sequences.


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