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JLA's Wonder Woman found?

TeresaPalmer.jpgAccording to a couple of different reports Justice League of America may have found its Wonder Woman, and she's Australian.

Now there's no official word to the rumour, but the word does come from a Director that recently worked with the actress and there's a follow up in an Australian newspaper, so it is starting to look like a possibility.

Teresa Palmer starred in Wolf Creek (Filmstalker review), The Grudge 2 and December Boys, and is reported to have screen tested for the role of Wonder Woman in the coming Justice League of America film along with Minka Kelly and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Moviehole have the word from a Director who Palmer recently worked with, and the word is good. Supposedly they loved her audition and she's in, although she's not buying blonde hair dye Clint, it's black! I think he was too absorbed with looking at the pictures of her, after all she is rather lovely.

There's an update on the story too, with a follow up in an Adelaide paper that suggests she has been cast in the role. Now either they picked up the story uncredited from Moviehole, or they have it from a separate route, and that could mean that this rumour is starting to gain strength.

Teresa Palmer as Wonder Woman?



I have no interest in this movie project. There has been nothing said about it that intrigues me and I'm sad they're going the "young" route with the cast.


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