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John Carter of Mars will be a trilogy

JohnCarterofMars.jpgThere's a small comment online from the team behind the Edgar Rice Burroughs film adaptation of John Carter of Mars that reveals it's not only going to be a trilogy, but that all three films should be with us before 2012.

The team from Pixar were Director Andrew Stanton, Scriptwriter Mark Andrews, and Producer Jim Morris, so the news would be pretty reliable from these sources.

The news comes from the ERBzine site through /Film where they say that Danton Burroughs had visited Pixar with “a wealth of resources” for the film-makers.

John Carter of Mars was a story first published in 1917, such a long time ago, and it sees a Civil War veteren called John Carter transported to Mars. There he discovers a planet brimming with life and populated by creatures who are twelve foot tall and green. They capture him and hold him prisoner, but he escapes and finds another race with a Princess who enlists his help.

So we're in for a trilogy. Perhaps Pixar are planning back to back filming in order to get all three films out before 2012 rather than produce one and guage the market. Either way it sounds as though Pixar are going to remain true to the original Burroughs stories.



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