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John Rambo trailer arrives

Rambo.jpgThe trailer for John Rambo has finally arrived, and while the voiceover may be a little cheesy, it really does build up to a superb ending with a great line from Rambo himself.

This is a great trailer for the film, it doesn't give away too much and sets the scene for what we're going to get. It also manages to say that this is going to be tougher than normal without the gore filled clips we've seen before.

Mr Stallone, sign me up.

You can see the trailer below.

The trailer comes from YouTube, and the plot rundown comes from Latino Review.

Rambo is living in northern Thailand and running a small business renting out a boat and catching poisonous snakes to sell, just enough to keep his life ticking over. Nearby, on the Burmese border, is the world's longest running civil war, the Burmese-Karen conflict, currently in its sixtieth year.

Some missionaries arrive to head to the border and try to help people caught in the conflict, they ask Rambo to take them up the river in their boat as road travel has become too dangerous with all the minefields.

He eventually agrees and drops them off up river, weeks later finding out that they have disappeared. Their pastor from back home arrives and tries to convince Rambo to help find and save them, he's mortgaged his home and everything he has to try and bring them back alive, and Rambo is his only hope.

You know that is a great plot outline for the story, and I'm really looking forward to this return to Rambo now, and already I can see that there could be room for another Rambo story in the world.



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