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Joker IMAX short film

TheJoker.jpgThere's an interesting rumour circulating the interflab that there's going to be a surprise short film showing in IMAX cinemas before I Am Legend, and the bigger surprise is that the whole film will be about the Joker.

If this is true it would be a new marketing strategy, and a superb one at that.

The rumour comes through a complicated route (and may I just break for a moment and say well done to Rope of Silicon for mentioning all their sources, seeing a trail of sources in a story is not something film sites tend to do - apart from the good ones of course). From Omlete through Collider and Rope of Silicon comes the story that there will be a six or seven minute prologue prior to the I Am Legend in IMAX on December the 14th.

Bear in mind that there's no confirmation of this yet from Warner Brothers, it was heard during a set visit.

This is a great way to get Batman fans into IMAX cinemas, and perhaps line them up to go see Dark Knight there too. After all what Batman fan isn't going to want to see a seven minute short of the new and much anticipated Joker on an IMAX screen? It's a win-win situation for The Dark Knight and Legend, and let's face it I Am Legend needs the help.



And remember the message from http://www.ibelieveinharveydenttoo.com?

"See You In December"


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