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Keith Allen on Diana inquest film

PrincessDiana.jpgThe actor and film-maker Keith Allen is apparently making a documentary about the inquest into the 1997 death of Princess Diana.

He has been attending the proceedings at London's High Court and has also followed the Jury to Paris for their controversial walk through of the Princess' final journey.

Speaking about the events in the inquest he told icWales:

“It’s amazing, you wouldn’t believe what’s going on in that courtroom...I’ve already been to the Pont d’Alma tunnel where the crash happened and we’re keeping track of everything that develops, it’s fascinating...

...Our film will be finished the day the inquest ends and we will be taking it to the Cannes film festival next year.”

Keith Allen has already made a film that looked into the man being Harrods, Al Fayed, the father of Dodi Fayed who also died in the car accident, the 2005 television film You're Fayed.

According to the story he's had access to Dodi's old apartment which has reportedly been left untouched since his death.

I'm not sure which is more interesting to an audience nowadays and I think that Keith Allen might have it right. The inquest has become the attention grabber over the accident itself and a documentary looking at that may just prove more interesting than one that examines that fateful night itself.



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