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Killing Pablo to get made?

JavierBardem.jpgKilling Pablo is a film that has been on the go for some time and has never quite made it to production.

The story comes from a book by Mark Bowden about the true story of the Colombian gangster who was brought down along with his gang by the drug cartels, U.S. Special Forces, and the Colombian military. Joe Carnahan wrote and will direct the film.

The news on Killing Pablo comes from Variety through Latino Review and it sounds good news.

Not only is Javier Bardem set to lead, but Christian Bale is reported to be on board the film too.

Latino Review has a couple of interesting facts about the story, the drug cartel leader in Clear and Present Danger was based on this character, as is the fictional biographical film in the television series Entourage. Not to mention the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City airport is named after the character.

So you can see that the name and reputation has filtered through to everyday life far away from his Colombian life.

The film has been in development for five years, and all going well it looks as though Killing Pablo might just get made. That is if the strike doesn't delay it even more.

With Joe Carnahan directing Javier Bardem and Christian Bale in this strong story, my hopes are high, I just hope this isn't rushed if the strike is announced.



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