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Kingdom banned in Bahrain and Kuwait

TheKingdom.jpgThe Kingdom (Filmstalker review) has been banned in Kuwait or Bahrain despite being accepted for viewing in places such as the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar and Oman.

I find this rather strange since it seemed to be very fair about portraying the structure of power, chain of command and way of life in the Arab world, and managed to section off the terrorists from the Arabs in the rest of the story, whether they be cooperating with the FBI or not.

However Variety has an explanation for perhaps why Kuwait may not be so favourable to the cinema. They are traditionally the Gulf country that censors foreign films the most, not least because the neighbouring Saudi Arabia has banned all cinema for the past thirty years and it's residents are known for crossing over the border into Bahrain to watch films.

However they are also quick to point out that there's no confirmation on this reason, so it might just be that they've taken offence anyway.

I still find it hard to understand. I thought that the Peter Berg film was doing a good job of showing right and wrong as the two sides, rather than painting it as Saudi Arabia and America. It did a great job of making sure that the terrorists were a separate entity from Arabs in general, something which could perhaps not be said of all Hollywood films.

What's also strange is that the much more shocking United 93 (Filmstalker review) was shown in every territory without issue. That I find particularly strange since it could be argued that The Kingdom went to greater lengths to show the distinctions and to connect with Muslims and Arabs.

Would you say that The Kingdom has a more contentious view towards Muslims and the Arab world than United 93?



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