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Kung Fu Panda trailer online

KungFuPanda.jpgThere's a teaser trailer for Kung Fu Panda online and it's being introduced by the voice of Kung Fu Panda himself, Jack Black.

He gives us a little introduction to the plot and the characters, giving us clips and comedy on the way, and it looks pretty fun.

The animation looks pretty good, and the character and voice mix seems strong. I'm actually looking forward to seeing this, and I tend not too on Hollywood animation films.

The story for Kung Fu Panda is pretty much standard fare, but the characters, script and talent of Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Liu, Ian McShane and Michael Clarke Duncan to name but a few could tip this over.

Have a look at the trailer which was online at Animatie.blog.nl through Empire until it was removed. However Worst Previews [Flash] seems to have picked it up before it was brought down and are hosting it, I'm not entirely sure since they don't have any credits.



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