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Lohan in Playboy?

LindseyLohan.jpgIt's amazing that Lindsay Lohan is still being touted around Hollywood for film roles, not just because of the bad press that her personal life has been receiving, but also because of the films she's been turning out.

Still, Brett Ratner seems to have mentioned her as a possibility Playboy Bunny in his Hugh Hefner film.

He comes out with an excellent quote regarding her in the role which had me amused as much as it had me saddened at how she's treating her career and herself:

"She's very talented...if she's sober... She would be great as a Playboy Bunny…She would be great as a Playboy Bunny."

Of course you have to realise that E!Online directly asked Brett Ratner if he would consider Lindsay Lohan for the role, it's not something that he came out and thought about himself, so we'll probably never see this happen.

What is interesting about the comment that comes through Rope of Silicon, is that he didn't say no, or politely turn it into a negative. Is there really a chance that she could regain a career in Hollywood if she cleaned up her act?



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