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Lowe and Fox in Dallas?

MatthewFox.jpgThere's an interesting casting rumour online for the Dallas film, and it comes from the same source as the previous James Brolin rumour.

This one has Matthew Fox, Rob Lowe, Kevin Conway, Kate Cassidy and Paul Logan are all in various stages of negotiating and signing for the film.

Matthew Fox is apparently being considered as Bobby Ewing and Rob Lowe for the role of Cliff Barnes. Now do bear in mind that the scooper from Cinema Blend does say "considered", and this could really mean a whole host of things, many of them before either star has auditioned or considered the role themselves.

However, these would be two interesting names. The scooper also says that Kevin Conway will be signing to play Digger Barns, Katie Cassidy will be playing Lucy Ewing, and Paul Logan has been offered the role of Ray Krebbs.

That's already an interesting cast, but with the film carrying such a chequered past I'm really not so sure how much of this will stick and how much will fall by the wayside, and that's even if the scooper is correct.

I could really see Matthew Fox taking the role up as this would be something quite different from his previous work, and what he did on Smokin' Aces (Filmstalker review) was a pretty good comic role.

Rob Lowe would be another great choice too, but the question for them both is would they sign on? John Travolta is still attached as J.R. Ewing so the draw factor is still there. I think that alone could pull in the stars, but it still needs the script and the director behind it.

The scooper also has some other interesting news regarding the plot for Dallas which is going to follow Pamela Barnes into the family, becoming Pamela Ewing, the wife of Bobby Ewing. The source is quite specific about the episodes on which it is based too - Diggers Daughter, Election and Spy in the House - if you can remember that far back!

What's even stranger is that Cinema Blend's source (they deserve a second mention for the amount of information in this one) claims that there's a second Dallas project in the works from the original writers of the television series. From all accounts it's an attempt at a television reunion story.

Now as usual I would say salt with this please, even though it's bad for you. However there's a wealth of information here and it all seems on the surface to be pretty credible. Time will tell of course, and we'll have to see how it pans out.



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