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Lucas as Captain Pike?

JoshLucas.jpgThere's another great Star Trek rumour out there, and a heavy rumour to boot. The rumour is that Josh Lucas is being eyed for the role of Captain Pike by J.J. Abrams and his Star Trek crew.

The rumour is pretty much conjecture at the moment, but he could well look the part. I guess the issue is, apart from if the rumour is real, is if he looks too old.

The new Star Trek is a young crew, but then I guess there's Karl Urban who is signed up and he looks a little older. Perhaps there's no real age issue, maybe the Star Trek fans can tell me that Pike is supposed to be older and that this rumour from IESB of Josh Lucas being looked at is a good choice.

For me there's a wider issue. This Star Trek is going boldly where no other has gone before, and I can't yet decide if that's a good or bad thing.



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