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Madonna to make Malawi documentary

Madonna.jpgMadonna is set to direct a documentary about the suffering in Malawi, from AIDS and poverty, as well as looking at the work that her fund raising organisation, Raising Malawi, has been doing.

According to reports the film will be called I Am Because We Are, a line taken from one of Desmond Tutu's famous speeches.

The Klio Report has the story, and sources and details are very scant. It does tell us that the documentary will look mainly to the street children, the ones most affected by the effects of AIDS. Having killed their parents, many children are forced to take to the streets and find some sort of life for themselves.

It certainly does sound a great project for her to direct, and we heard back in June that she was planning to turn Director. In a way I'm glad this isn't going to be a feature.

That said she's in the throws of filming Filth and Wisdom, her directorial debut. It's a film described as a comedy, drama, musical romance, and will star Richard E. Grant and is written by Dan Cadan, runner for Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, assistant for Guy Ritchie on Snatch, and Electronic Press Kit Director for Swept Away and Revolver.



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