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Malkovich joins Jolie in Eastwood’s Changeling

JohnMalkovich.jpgClint Eastwood's the Changeling is fast gathering a strong cast. Already we'd heard that Angelina Jolie is on board the true life film, now we're hearing that Jeffrey Donovan, Colm Feore and John Malkovich have signed up.

The plot sounds very interesting, and looks set to give Jolie a very strong role. Read on for details.

The film tells the story of a woman whose son goes missing in 1920's L.A. The police return the wrong child and the woman is sent to an insane asylum for voicing her concerns.

Eventually the child admits to fraud when it is discovered that her real child was murdered by a serial killer.

She takes her case to the city council resulting in the Mayor being kicked out along with the Police Chief and several other officers who were in on the case. The case also ended up changing the laws on committing people to asylums.

The news from Yahoo News tells us that in The Changeling John Malkovich will surprisingly pay a priest, while Colm Feore will play the Chief of Police and Jeffrey Donovan the Police Captain. Obviously Angelina Jolie will play the mother.

Sounds a great role for her, as well as a great story, especially with Clint Eastwood at the helm. However that title keeps confusing me with the horror remake.



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