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Manning talks Philip K. Dick biographical film

TarynManning.jpgTaryn Manning has been talking about her role in a film that is a lose biography of the writer Philip K. Dick, and she reveals that it is going to be a mixture of dream, drug induced fantasy, and reality.

I have to say it's not really the Philip K. Dick biographical film, although it is, it isn't. Let me explain. Due to legal issues the film starring Bill Pullman as Philip K. Dick couldn't get the rights to his name, and so he became William J. Frick in the film Your Name Here.

Yes it is mad, however we get to hear more of the story from Manning and it sounds even madder.

She was talking to MTV about the role she plays which is Victoria Principal. Or rather Nikki, a robot version of Victoria Principal who is really in Frick's imagination.

Yeah, I'm getting confused too.

“Instead of being Vikki, I’m Nikki … It’s all based on [his life], but it’s all imaginative. Plus, he’s on meth - so, it’s all a bit skewed...

...He’s infatuated with my character … she starred in that movie ‘Earthquake,’ and he is obsessed with her even though he has a wife,” she said of one scene. “All around his office you see pictures of me. One day, he does a huge line [of cocaine], and the next thing you know he’s in the back of a limo, and there I am!..

...[Pullman’s character] can’t tell if it’s a dream or I’m really there, and the next thing you know I’m taking him into my world...[He thinks] we’re going to live happily ever after.”

Yeah, that really does sound strange, but perhaps it isn't anything less than expected with Philip K. Dick.

The film is to debut at Sundance next year, and then hopefully get picked up for distribution thereafter.

It's kind of a shame that they couldn't secure the rights to use Dick's real name, however it sounds as though what they've ended up with is just going to be even weirder, and fit right into his world.



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