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McAvoy rumoured as Kurt Cobain?

JamesMcAvoy.jpgCould James McAvoy be lining up to play Kurt Cobain in a biographical film of the man's life? Well it might just be if rumours are true.

Apparently he's being looked at by the studio to take the lead of the film adapted by David Benioff from the Charles Cross biography.

Heavier than Heaven (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) tells the story of the musician who led Nirvana up until he killed himself.

There's nothing else in the story from Digital Spy as McAvoy hasn't confirmed as yet, and reading between the lines it sounds like he hasn't actually been approached, just that the bosses would like him.

I think James McAvoy could carry the role off, but is there anyone else out there who is more Kurt Cobain?



Ben Foster?

Ooh, I like that choice. He could carry the part pretty well, and he's got the demeanor.

Damn straight! The guy is awesome - hell you could cast him as a bag of potatoes and he'd be able to bring something to it.


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