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McGowan really is Barbarella?

RoseMcGowan.jpgWe heard the rumour that Rose McGowan might be cast as Barbarella in the remake by her boyfriend Robert Rodriguez a few months back, but the rumour has resurfaced again and this time it's in print.

There's no indication if this is a new rumour, confirmation of the old, or just a rehash, but the story is out again that Rose McGowan is going to play the role Jane Fonda made famous.

Elle Magazine carry the story and IESB have picked up on it. According to them the article says:

“Rose McGowan is slipping into a fur bikini and major bouffant to take on the title role in the remake of Barbarella.”

Now IESB have a few negative comments about the nepotism in this casting, but I don't think it's really that bad, after all there's not much wrong with the idea of Rose McGowan being Barbarella, she certainly is sexy enough.

However this could all still be fallout from the fact that she did those test shots for the role, and maybe she was just handy for Robert Rodriguez at the time.

IESB have contacted her agency and they claim that the agency “came short of confirming” and passed them onto her publicist, however they are waiting for a callback there.

Perhaps it is true after all. Whoever is in it and behind it, I just can't see Barbarella working nowadays since it was such a product of its time.



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