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Miike's Sukiyaki Western Django religious group

TakashiMiike.jpgTakashi Miike's upcoming Sukiyaki Western Django has caused some controversy as the marketing material begins to come out for it. Trailers, posters and fliers in Japan have had to be altered by Sony to remove an image of a scene that shows early in the film.

During the scene the town mayor is hanged from a Shinto shrine gate, a torii mon. The image and scene were included in television adverts and cinemas and that's when the complaints began.

According to Japanese press through Variety protests began from Shintoists who claimed that the scene was a violation of their sacred symbol.

However it seems that this has been handled perfectly. The image has been removed from all marketing material by Sony, but not from the film which they stand by. From Sony comes the comment:

“When people interested in the film see it in its entirety, they will realize that it does not insult Shintoism.”

Thankfully the Shintoists are also seeing sense and not attacking with religious passion as other religious “groups” have attacked cinema in the past, they are actually proving to be very diplomatic as their representative said:

“Freedom of expression is important, but it's also necessary to consider how people affected (by the scene) feel about it.”

Thankfully the scene will remain in the film, and you can bet even if it was removed for a Japanese audience, it would return for worldwide distribution.



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