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Millar blocked from Superman

SupermanRedSon.jpgA few days ago I wrote about Mark Millar pitching for the Superman Returns (Filmstalker review) sequel after the current writers left the project. Then we heard from J. Michael Straczynski that there was no chance he would get the job, something that Millar has just confirmed.

Mark Millar talked on his forums and revealed that the job was dead, for the very reasons that J. Michael Straczynski talked about just two days ago.

Here's what Millar had to say over on his forums through ComicBookMovie:

"Well, sadly, I'm a Marvel guy and we were surprised to find out that WB couldn't hire me for a DC property. They were incredibly nice and superbly apologetic about it, but when they discussed the matter seriously DC explained just how associated I am with Marvel Comics at the moment and it's against company policy to hire the competition. It's absolutely nothing personal. I spoke to some friends at DC and they explained this has happened with a couple of big Marvel writers in the last couple of years and I absolutely respect that. It's a business after all and to have a guy writing Fantastic Four, 1985, Kick-Ass and another super-big project for Steve McNiven this year which would be mentioned in every article about a Superman movie is not only an insult to their own writers, but makes bad business sense. I have nothing but respect for the DC high-ups and, though obviously disappointed, can absolutely appreciate their position. They're the custodians of these properties and they obviously know what they're doing.

So no Millar-penned Superman movie at this stage, I'm afraid."

That's a definite no and echoes exactly what I had found from Straczynski the other day. He was quite clear that Paul Levitz, the current head of DC, had issued word that no Marvel writer was to work on a DC project, especially the high profile ones.

Now that is a shame, because I really thought that Millar could bring something special to the film. As it is I guess we'll see another similar tale. The question is who will write it, and more importantly will Bryan Singer return?



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