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Mirren and Pesci in brothel film

HelenMirren.jpgHelen Mirren and Joe Pesci are set to star as a couple who opened the first legal brothel in Nevada, Joe and Sally Conforte, who ran the Mustang Ranch.

The film is set to explore their relationship that turned to violence after Sally Conforte was suspected of having an affair with the boxer Oscar Bonavena, who was shot and killed at the Ranch in 1976.

Directing the film is Taylor Hackford, the husband of Helen Mirren. The story comes from Variety through Coming Soon.

Mark Jacobson wrote the story Love Ranch about the couple and the first legal brothel, he previously wrote the article on which the film American Gangster was based.

It's an interesting role for Mirren, and to see her cast alongside Joe Pesci will be something special indeed, especially if Pesci is toning down his usual unhinged performance.



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