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Molina and Davis on Hitchcock remake

AlfredHitchcock.jpgAlfred Molina and Hope Davis are starring in a remake (don't give me that reimagining rubbish) of The Lodger, the Marie Belloc Lowndes novel which was adapated to film in 1927 by Alfred Hitchcock as his debut film.

So reimagining aside, this is the remake of Hitchcock's first film. Now that's got to be dangerous territory.

However, with the news from Variety that Alfred Molina and Hope Davis on board there's got to be some hope for this film - get it?

David Ondaatje wrote the script, will produce and direct The Lodger which has been modernised to Los Angeles present day. It sees two plotlines that slowly come together, one of a cat and mouse game between a detective, played by Alfred Molina, and a killer while the second follows the relationship between an emotionally disturbed landlady, played by Hope Davis, and her strange lodger…Guess who the killer is then!

Sounds an interesting story, and it's one of a few talked about remakes of Hitchcock stories. I can see that in a few years his film history will be totally plundered and we'll be seeing Hitchcock "reimagining's" galore.



-sigh- I can think of nothing good to say since I hate the idea of his movies being remade.


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