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Morgan prepares Queen: The Sequel

PeterMorgan.jpgPeter Morgan has announced that he is working on the sequel to the highly acclaimed film The Queen, a sequel that will look into the former British Prime Minister's relationship with the two U.S. Presidents during his term in office.

According to Peter Morgan, the award winning writer, the film will examine the change in the political relationship between the U.S. and the UK after Tony Blair's ally of Bill Clinton was replaced by George W. Bush.

Morgan has been researching the story for some time, and originally he was going to set the film during the period that Blair took the country to war and seriously affected his own future, however during his extensive research he came to the conclusion that this decision was rooted in the change of U.S. leadership, and so changed the focus of the story.

What I find particularly interesting about the news from Variety is that it'll be easier to write about Blair and Clinton since they have both written about their own terms in power, but Bush is somewhat different, he's still the President. Doesn't that pose some problems if Morgan is to expose some of the close relationship between Bush and Blair, especially some of the negatives.



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