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Nakata's Out gets deal

HideoNakata.jpgTalk about old news, there have been quite a few stories lately that have "broken" elsewhere only to find that I have had them on the site for a while, but this one is ridiculously old.

Hideo Nakata is to direct Natsuo Kirino's very good novel Out, something I wrote about in my previous writing role on March 15th 2005! The news tells us that New Line have picked up the film.

Out (richardbrunton review) was written by Natsuo Kirino and won the Grand Prix Award for crime fiction in Japan. It's a very strong novel, and a great read, I really couldn't put the novel down while I was reading it.

The story is about four female factory workers who make a pact after one of them kills her abusive Husband. The story escalates time and time again, and the women find themselves in deeper and deeper trouble, facing off against a very strong male character.

The script is being written by Joe Forte, according to Variety through Coming Soon, who also wrote Firewall (Filmstalker review), now there's something that could be worrying, let's hope the mess of that film was up to the direction and ageing star.

Hideo Nakata behind the camera of this strong source material is what really has me interested though. The novel is very good and Nakata has provided some very strong direction in the past with films such as Ringu (The Ring) and its Japanese sequels as well as the U.S. versions The Ring 2 and 3, the original Japanese Dark Water, Kaidan and his Entity remake.

I'm excited about this project, perhaps more than anything else on his schedule.



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