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Natali's Splice gains cast

AdrienBrody.jpgAdrien Brody and Sarah Polley have been announced as the leads for Vincent Natali's film Splice, which you'll have heard me talking about before.

Vincenzo Natali, if you didn't know, wrote and directed Cube and directed the excellent Cypher. Here's the plot of Spliced, which sounds rather interesting.

Splice is a science fiction film which sees two scientists illegally creating a genetically engineered creature by splicing human DNA with animals. They create a creature that begins as a deformed child but soon grows to a beautiful winged being.

The scientists grow attached to the creature before it turns out to be pretty evil at which point they must try and decide its fate.

Now I know you might be thinking there are similarities to Species, but I think that's just in the creature side, from the things I've heard it will be much more focused on the scientists and how one of them wants to destroy the creature while the other one wants it to live.

One particularly interesting twist of Splice 's plot is that one of the scientists becomes physically attracted to the creature and can't explain why, meanwhile the scientists themselves are in a relationship with each other. Now that's complicating the issue!

If you think back to Cube and Cypher, you're going to realise that this has something rather special to offer.

Now with the news from Reuters through Yahoo News that the excellent Adrien Brody has signed up along with Sarah Polley, it's sure to bring an interesting mix to the script.



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