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New HD U.S. I Am Legend trailer online

IAmLegend.jpgThere's yet another new trailer for I Am Legend this time in Quicktime and HD, they are really trying to advertise this one like mad.

Originally I caught it and thought it was just the high definition version of the second trailer we saw in Flash format the other day, but no, this is a brand new trailer and although we've seen most of the footage already, it's a powerful one. It does have a few new closing shots to it that are pretty good, and show off the creatures a bit more.

The new trailer is over on the I Am Legend site and this one really does pick up on what the one revealed to us yesterday started. There's way more plot than we first expected and it's dark, tight, cramped and yet totally empty. It looks like there's going to be loads of Will Smith acting in this, and I really mean acting, not the film appearances we see from him in the big budget action films, but the Will Smith acting from films such as Six Degrees of Separation, a film I always harp on about when the words acting and the name Will Smith are joined.

The trailer can be seen over at the official I Am Legend [QT:480p:720p:1080p] site through Cinema Blend, who tell us that the Flash trailer was the International release and this is the domestic (read U.S.) second trailer.

These last two trailers really are turning my head around about the film. What about you?



This is going to be the post apocalyptic balls and I really cannot wait. I read the book after seeing the first glimpses of it back in January and was blown away, I really hope they havent tampered with the story too much.

Big Will against nocturnal mutants? What's not to love?

I'm really looking forward to this one. Luckily I'll be in the US for it's December opening so I get to see it before the UK release. Hopefully I'll be able to catch it on IMAX too.

Ooh, perhaps a review for Filmstalker then?

This looks good, I much prefer Will Smith in more serious roles. And I like post apocalyptic films, the idea of having a whole city to yourself is strangely appealing. Or maybe I'm just weird....

In order to provide a review I shall require the following...

1.) Laptop
2.) My writing hat and boots
3.) Time to drag myself off the streets of NY

If I can arrange the 3 items listed, you'll have your review Richard.

Well don't go out of your way Spidey, only if it's not going to impact on the trip.


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