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Update: New I Am Legend trailer reveals plot in Quicktime HD

IAmLegend.jpgThere's a new trailer for the last man on Earth story I Am Legend online and this one is much, much better than the last. The previous was big set pieces and then emptiness with the promise of something.

Now we're seeing glimpses of what that something is, and a healthy dose of what the plot is, and mercifully it's not just one man killing hundreds of zombie type creatures.

Update: We now have a Quicktime link for the trailer, much better quality than the Flash one doing the rounds. No, there's another update and now we have the trailer in High Definition!

What has me drawn to the story of I Am Legend from this trailer are three specific scenes, the one where Will Smith is lying in the bathtub covering his ears (he has big hands) against the noise of the creatures, the one where he's in darkened corridors trying to save his dog, and the last one where he reveals that he's actually trying to find a cure to reverse the disease that has infected all of humanity.

Now we're suddenly talking much more than a straight single survivor story. We get to see the loneliness and isolation that the man is facing, and we also see that the set pieces aren't all big, there are dark, cramped, and creepy moments. Then there's the reveal of the plot which gives us more dramatic meat to it.

You know, this could surprise us after all.

The trailer is over at Worst Previews [Flash] through Empire, and unfortunately it's rather poor quality at the moment. As Empire point out Worst Previews aren't ones to reveal their sources, but this is obviously from DailyMotion, problem is there's five pages of the two different trailers there and probably not any better quality.

I'll let you know when a better quality quicktime version is found. In the meantime, isn't this a lot more promising than we've seen?

Forget that flash trailer, head over to the Quicktime trailer [QT:M]. Bigger sizes as they come. Thanks to Andy in the comments below for that.

Now Cinema Blend have pointed to the official site [QT:480p:720p:1080p] with the new trailer in HD.



Way better QT version.

Thanks Andy, superb link and much appreciated.

Odd...no mention of the Umbrella Corporation in that trailer.

All kidding aside, someone's going to have to tell me if the dog makes it out alright before I go see this one. Kill the whole world in the movie if you want, but don't hurt or kill the dog.

Yeah I'm a bit like that, show an animal in trouble and I'm a mess.

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