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New Line forgiving Jackson?

PeterJackson.jpgCould it be true that New Line might just take back Peter Jackson for the production of The Hobbit? Well it's certainly looking more and more like it.

Now the studio are officially stepping back from the comments that their co-head Bob Shaye committed to when he said that they would never work with Peter Jackson again, and the backtrack comes from Michael Lynne, co-head of New Line.

Michael Lynne made the comments in a video clip on the website of the Charlie Rose Show while he and Bob Shaye were being interviewed.

"The truth is, whatever Bob said, from that point of view, was really Bob's statement," Lynne said in the Rose video. "And New Line hasn't taken a position on that thought and doesn't take a position on that thought. We have had a disagreement with Peter over auditing. It happens a lot. ... It ought to be resolvable. And what happens going forward in terms of working together or not, you know, the future will tell that tale."

Wow that really is a backtrack, and the interesting thing is that even Shaye is stepping away from his previous hard stance. Sci Fi Wire picked up on the fact that Shaye has told the Los Angeles Times that he:

"…would love for [Jackson] to be creatively involved in some way in The Hobbit."

Entertainment Weekly magazine has a cover story that suggests the feud is almost at an end, and with the recent news that New Line aren't doing well in the court battle and have already lost face and costs in the eyes of the court, they might be heading towards a settlement.

Considering all that, and that fact that Peter Jackson has kept his own options open, despite the legal battle against New Line, I think we could be seeing a turning back towards a Jackson helmed Hobbit from New Line.



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