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New Sweeney Todd trailer hides musical

SweenyTodd.jpgThere's a new Sweeney Todd trailer online that should raise interest in the film, but for entirely the wrong reasons, something that kind of annoys me about the whole trailer side of the film industry.

That aside for the moment the trailer is rather good and presents a dark and horror like view of the tale of Sweeney Todd, and just why he does become the demon barber. The trailer is right here for you to see.

However, and here's where I return to my concerns, this film is a musical, there's no getting away with that, and yet the trailer features no musical numbers or singing. There are a few shots of people dancing, but you could easily mistake these for scenes in any film.

So what the studio are presenting is a view of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street as a straight up dark film from Tim Burton. It's almost like the reverse of these mash-up trailers we're seeing. The studio are hiding any evidence of a musical from those who watch the trailer, and if you don't happen to be in the know or read sites like this then you'd never know.

“Oh, I'm off to watch that new horror about Sweeney Todd from Tim Burton, looks great on the trailer”... ...2 hours later... “It's a bleeding musical!”

Shouldn't the trailer act as a selling point of what a film is actually about? These days they are just there to sell the film to people any way that they can, no matter if that totally misrepresents the film, gives away the ending, shows you all the best bits, or even uses footage not even in the film.

Well here's the non-musical trailer for the film, probably showing all the non-musical moments in one.

It comes from YouTube through Cinema Blend (may I just say that CB is one of the most stand up sites on the Internet with a damn fine moral code, here's to you Josh et al).

What did you think, considering that this is a musical?



*I can hear Pretty Women and Not While I'm Around playing in the background.*

Is this trailer suppose to be misleading as to what the film is really all about?

Seriously... I hate marketing and those who are in charge of it. Ridiculous.

Absolutely ridiculous. It's a musical, damn fools. Pity. And typical.

Stupid!It's a musical! And a damn good one too!

The trailer of Sweeney Todd they've been showing in the cinema showed Johnny Depp actually singing.

The UK trailer I've seen shows a few seconds, about two lines, of Depp almost singing, somewhere between singing and talking.

I can still see why people might be getting confused


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