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New The Golden Compass HD trailer and an ending change

TheGoldenCompass.jpgThere's a new trailer online for The Golden Compass, and it's fair to say that it just blew me away. It looks utterly spectacular.

Not only is it in the standard Flash, but there are High Definition options, and it looks even better, particularly the creature effects.

The Golden Compass is adapted from Philip Pullman's novel His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, or Northern Lights depending where you come from. This marks the first of a possible trilogy of films based on the Dark Materials novels.

There was initially a bit of surprise that there was going to be a major rewrite of the plot to exclude all the religion, however that seems to have blown over and now it's becoming much more the typical adventure fare.

We also saw the Director Chris Weitz step in and out of the film, first saying it was too big for him to direct, and then taking on the task after some persuasion no doubt. Judging by the trailer he made the right choice.

Finally, on the HisDarkMaterials site through Empire and Jo Blo, Chris Weitz has announced that the film will end before the book does, to allow the easy move into the next film. It wasn't his decision alone though:

“I have decided, along with Scholastic and New Line and, most importantly, Philip Pullman, to shift the concluding three chapters of Book I of His Dark Materials to the beginning of the second film of our trilogy, The Subtle Knife.

To me, this provides the most promising conclusion to the first film and the best possible beginning to the second.

It has always been my main concern to portray Lyra's world and her adventures with integrity. Throughout this process I have been in close contact with Philip Pullman; and I would not be doing this without his approval.”

Not knowing the book I can't really comment on that one, so if someone who has could let us know the significance, without any spoilers, I would be obliged.

However the real reason you're here is to see the trailer, and to see that none of this seems to have affected the power of the film. I'm really looking forward to this now I've seen the trailer.

You can catch it over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:QT:480p:720p:1080p] through AICN. Enjoy.



Cocking nora that looks good :-)

The first book (for me) was my least favourite of the three so I'll be interested to see how this turns out.


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