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Original Birds actress attacks remake

TheBirds_Poster.jpgTippi Hedren is the actress that originally starred in The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock's classic film which is undergoing a remake with Naomi Watts taking her role over.

She's been talking about the attempt, and she's none too happy about it, in fact she sounds downright angry.

I don't like to give out links to the overly restrictive videos of MTV Movies Blog who believe that they have some copyright issues that mean they can't deliver the content to a global organisation - MTV being a global organisation - however this is an interesting one and the video might well be worth watching.

Tippi Hedren sounds as though she's dead against the remake of The Birds, and she's happy to explain why.

"I thought 'Why would you do that? Why?' I mean, can't we find new stories, new things to do?"

Our thoughts exactly. They can't think of enough new ideas to keep the cinemas busy, or the books ticking over.

"They tried to make 'Psycho" over and it didn't work," she said. "Must you be so insecure [that] you have to take a films that's become a classic and a great success and then try to do it over?"

Apparently the video has Hedren saying some pretty strong things against the remake, probably things we already know, but since I'm not in America I'm not allowed to watch the video.

Feel free to watch it, but for legal reasons I'm sure you won't be able to talk about it afterwards!



Hey Richard, I watched the video clip and she doesn't say anything more than what was quoted in the article.

Personally I agree with Ms. Hedren they do not need to remake this movie. I adore Namoi Watts as an actress, but it will not get to me to see this film. I stayed away from the remake of Psycho and that turned out to be a smart move. The bit of the film I did catch in passing was horrific.

In my opinon, leave Alfred Hitchcock movies alone. I have no interest in watching someone trying to remake his films.

Eeep! Sorry for the double post it didn't look as if it worked the first time!

And that would be the same Tippi Hedren who appeared in the abysmal "The Birds II: Land's End" TV movie in the mid 1990s?



Well perhaps she's learned something from her mistake.


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