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P2 trailer online

P2.jpgOkay I'm going to be honest, the idea of a woman terrorised in the underground parking area of her work isn't that exciting to me, but then there are some interesting factors here, the gorgeous Rachel Nichols and Alexandre Aja who produced and co-wrote.

Still though, the idea wasn't doing anything for me. Then I saw the trailer and got a bit of a surprise, although there are some stock moments in there, they are done really well, and the film does look as though it could give you a good scare.

You can see the trailer over at the official site [Flash] through AITH. One you're on the site the trailer plays instantly. If you're looking for the controls they are underneath the red bordered window and are all faded out. They also have a photo gallery and a couple of downloads there too.

With the promise of Rachel Nichols and Wes Bentley we have a strong pairing of good performances, and with Alexandre Aja we do have a similar of great moments, some twists, and some superb scares, can the Director Franck Khalfoun deliver?

I think it looks a pretty effective trailer. Now I'm still not utterly convinced and I think it might not be a superb horror, but it does look like it'll give you those friday night frights in the cinema.



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