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P released on DVD at Christmas

P.jpgIt seems like an age ago that I met Director Paul Spurrier at the Edinburgh Film Festival just before watching his Thai horror film P.

Sceptical at first, when I actually saw it I was captured by a pretty strong horror with some good scares as well as a good story behind it. So it's good to hear that P is finally getting a DVD release from Tartan Films.

You can read the review I wrote of P right here, and a good one it was too.

Paul Spurrier was living in Thailand and decided to make a horror film in the beautiful country, using a Thai crew, the Thai language, and Thai mythology for the script. All in all making it as hard for himself as possible, and he produced a strong horror film.

Here's a clip from my original review:

“P is the first Thailand film Directed (Screenwritten, Produced, Musically arranged and Edited) by a British talent. It's also not a tourist movie, it's an explorers movie, as Paul recounted one interviewer asking him. He hasn't arrived in Thailand and made a Thai movie only to disappear. He's lived there, learned the language, the customs, and made every effort to understand the country and the people before making the movie, and this makes a huge impact onscreen.”

The film tells the story of a young girl who is taught some dark magic by her grandmother as she grows up. Her grandmother becomes ill and she heads off to Bangkok to earn money for her medicine, unfortunately the only decent paying job she can find is as a go-go dancer in a club.

As the other dancers become jealous of her success as a dancer her magic also gets stronger, darker and more uncontrollable, and finally a presence comes to her and takes control. Will there be any way to stop her?

The news of the DVD release for P comes from MoviesOnline who also have the specifications of the disc – Anamorphic widescreen is all we hear for the picture, but it will be Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1. We'll have to wait for special features, which I hope will be a commentary from the Director himself.



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