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Police guitarist biographical film

ThePolice.jpgAndy Summers, the guitarist of that iconic band The Police, has an autobiography out which has just been picked up to be turned into a documentary.

It does sound strange since you might expect a film to come from an autobiography, but this is expected to be turned into a film with Andy Summers narrating over concert footage from the Police's current reunion tour.

What's really interesting is when you read the Hollywood Reporter story is catching the name of one of the producers behind the film, Nicolas Cage, it couldn't be that Cage could it?

Lauren Lazin, who directed Tupac: Resurrection, is currently in talks to direct this film.

The story also tells us that, apart from the concert footage, over twenty five thousand photos that Summers has taken will be used to create an animated sequence within the film. The film itself will look at his life from his early youth through to playing with The Animals, psychedelic bands in the sixties, and then into his time with The Police up to this world tour, so it's a fair time period.

It sounds as though it could be a great documentary, however I should think that they would turn the focus onto all the members rather than just looking at Andy Summers. After all they are known as a group, and the most famous single member would undoubtedly have to be Sting.



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