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Princess trailer shows Denmark manga

Princess.jpgI just received an email from Tartan films which pointed the way to this trailer for Princess, a manga animation from Writer/Director Anders Morgenthaler.

It's certainly rather interesting, as it seems to look at pornography and one man's efforts to destroy all the pornographic material that his sister made before she died.

The story follows August, a missionary priest who returns home after the death of his sister. She was once the famous porn star called The Princess, but she fell from her lofty heights and eventually died through drug abuse.

She left behind her a five year old daughter whom August decides he must look after, but as she becomes more and more obsessed with the pornographic images of her mother, he decides that there's only one thing to do, erase her from the industry forever.

So he goes after all the material and the people behind her career in an attempt to protect his sister's daughter, but his mission escalates into violence, and bloody violence at that.

The trailer looks really interesting, which you can see over at the official site [Flash]. It not only features animation but it uses live action footage for the pornographic imagery, something which I find a rather interesting style choice.

Head over to the site for images, plot and character outlines, details of the cast and crew, and generally bags of information on the film including a little blog or two.



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