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Purefoy in Solomon Kane trilogy

JamesPurefoy.jpgJames Purefoy has taken up the role of the dark hero Solomon Kane from the Robert E. Howard stories. Yes, that's what I thought initially.

The series is set to be a trilogy of films which follow the 16th Century soldier that is trying to turn from his evil ways to save himself from an eternity in hell.

Solomon Kane is a soldier that discovers that his brutal life has damned him to an eternity in hell and he decides to try and steer himself towards the light side by living in peace. Of course that doesn't work and, according to Empire, he has to pick up his sword again when his land is threatened by a dark force, but this time he's fighting for good to try and earn his way out of hell.

Sounds an interesting story, and the man who has adapted the story is also going to direct, Michael J. Bassett. Bassett justifies the casting of James Purefoy pretty easily:

“Kane is a dark hero who has faced terrible things and turned to God for redemption and guidance...He sees himself as a righter-of-wrongs but is conflicted by a growing realization that he might be both a force for evil as well as good. James Purefoy understands this duality and I know he’ll bring a really powerful and intense heroism to the screen. He’s perfect for the role - and the fact that he’s devilishly handsome doesn’t hurt either.”

Any of the readers know more about Solomon Kane than I do? Fancy telling us?



This looks like a terrific opportunity for James. I think it's filming in Prague and London which would be cool!
Won't he be great as someone who sold his soul to the devil? A little touch of the Mark Antony mixed with George!

Sounds delicious to me!

Welcome to Filmstalker Holly! ;)


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