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Rambo V in negotiations?

Rambo.jpgWe already heard some rumours that Sylvester Stallone was planning another Rambo film, but now there's a rumour to strengthen that, with Stallone in negotiations with a studio to develop another.

The deal would be that he would make a fifth Rambo film as well as the Edgar Alan Poe film he wrote and is to direct, Poe.

The film Poe tells the story of the writer Edgar Allan Poe and has been written by Sylvester Stallone and will see him behind the camera only. As yet there's no word on who will play Poe.

The rumour, from Cinema Blend who had a scooper inform them that Nu Image and Stallone are in negotiations for the deal, also reveals that the fifth Rambo may well look to the original script idea for the fourth Rambo, John Rambo. This plot saw Rambo's daughter kidnapped by a religious cult (that could be anything from Christianity to some bizarre end of world cult…or is that the same thing?!)

Still any future Rambo film will remain entirely at the mercy of the success of the current one about to hit the cinemas with a trailer. If the footage we've seen to date is anything to go by we're looking at a reality of war script with some serious destruction. I'm all up for that.



if they do make a new rambo it should be like the first one


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