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Ratner on Escape From New York?

BrettRatner.jpgThere's a big rumour on the Interflab that greeted me after my cycle home, that perhaps Len Wiseman isn't going to be directing the remake of John Carpenter's Escape From New York which is set to star Gerard Butler.

More than that there's a rumour that another Director is associated with the film, and the name drains even more life from the remake, Brett Ratner.

Now you have to realise that this is a big salty rumour from an untested source of AICN's, but I just couldn't not talk about this story that I found through AITH.

There's no other word than the source saying that Len Wiseman is officially off the project and that the studio is looking to Brett Ratner.

I don't know about you but I think that's a disastrous choice, not that I thought Wiseman was the best choice, nor did any of us think a remake of Escape From New York was even necessary, or wanted. Still we'll get one, and we have to hope that the studio listens to reason, i.e. us!

So, let's just say they do listen and we get a chance to change things, if you could, who would you want instead of Ratner or Wiseman? Let's say that the film has to be made and we have no choice, who could direct it?



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