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Re-Animator sequel not happening?

Re-Animator.jpgIt looks like the hoped for sequel to the classic horror film series Re-Animator won't be getting made in any hurry, if at all.

The problem appears to be that the original director has far too much politics in the script for the star and the studio. Apparently it takes a pretty harsh dig at the current political administration in the U.S.

Jeffrey Combs, the star of the series, has been talking about the possibility of a sequel to Sci Fi Wire, and it doesn't sound good.

"I wish I could give you a better prognosis, but that is one of the most-asked questions I've been getting lately, and it's not even close to getting made...Too many people feel the heat, and studios are wary of the subject matter."

Stuart Gordon directed the first of the series with Jeffrey Combs as the mad scientist who can bring people back from the dead with horrifying results.

We heard way back that the film was going to be about the vice president who has a heart attack and Dr Herbert West is taken to the Whitehouse to bring him back to life. Apparently he was the one really running the country. It was even said that William H. Macy was on board to play the President, and then it went quiet.

Combs goes on to say that the idea was just too close to the bone for the Studio's to take the chance on - what they think that the President of the U.S. is a reanimated dead guy, or that the Vice President is and that he's running the country?

"The latest idea is too on the nose...A lot of people they took the idea to didn't want to touch it. And, of course, the real power in it would be to get it out before they are out of power."

It seemed that Combs talked with Gordon and tried to iron out some way of getting it made with less politics in the story and more re-animator.

"My argument is that you can make it a corrupt [presidential] administration, but not necessarily this one, and then it's in Dr. Strangelove territory and the people are not so recognizable…Believe me, I've had this conversation many times with Stuart…

…Melding political humor and reanimation hasn't happened before, so why now all of a sudden is it Michael Moore Meets Re-Animator?...I'm as outraged as the next guy about what's going on in the country, but I think we can be less on-the-nose about it and still make the same points. But Stuart is rather tenacious, so he may still get his way someday."

It doesn't sound like he's very keen to make the film if it has any politics in it, and I really can't understand why. Unless the script has some serious hits at the current administration and it overpowers the re-animator side of the story then there's no problem, anything along these lines could only strengthen the film couldn't it?



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