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Reno and Marceau in Cinderella

SophieMarceau.jpgMarc Esposito is to bring together two huge French talents for a French interpretation of the classic story of Cinderella.

The adaptation will be called Cendrillon and star Melanie Laurent as Cinderella and Catherine Jacob as her wicked aunt, Jean Reno will play the King and Sophie Marceau the fairy godmother.

Melanie Laurent was awarded this year's Cesar award for Most Promising Female Newcomer.

The film is slated for 2008 and has a healthy budget of €23 million - that's US $36.2 million - and so we could expect something rather good, particularly with Jean Reno and Sophie Marceau on board.

I wonder if they will be updating the story at all or just going straight for a classic story, The Hollywood Reporter doesn't say, but a modernised version could prove interesting.



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