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Repo! The Genetic Opera footage online

RepoOpera.jpgThe first footage of Repo! The Genetic Opera is online and it looks pretty cool so far, Anthony Head looks pretty damn mean in it.

The film is a musical about the repossession of human organs which are sold by a money making corporation exploiting a worldwide shortage of human organs for transplant. The repo man repossesses human organs after the humans who are renting them default on their payments.

Before I saw this footage I was really thinking that this would stink, I mean a horror musical is traditionally going to turn out really cheesy and camp, but here it's looking rather dark and moody.

The other big surprise is the cast list which includes Sarah Brightman, Anthony Head, Paul Sorvino, okay there's also Paris Hilton in there, but those are pretty interesting names to see heading up the film. Then there's the fact that Darren Lynn Bousman is directing, and for those of you who can't remember, he's directing the Saw series, well most of them anyway.

You can see the footage over at Shock Till You Drop [Flash] through Coming Soon. So what do you think about Repo! The Genetic Opera? Does the horror opera interest you?



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