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Ridley Scott's Nottingham revealed

RussellCrowe.jpgBrian Grazer, that big name Producer, and Ridley Scott have revealed some more details about the plot of their latest film Nottingham, and just how they are going to take a fresh look at the legend of Robin Hood.

Nottingham is the famous legend of Robin Hood, who gave to the poor after robbing the rich of the common folk's taxes, but Scott has a different take on the legend and we are going to see it from the Sheriff of Nottingham's viewpoint, the man traditionally painted as the baddie.

Russell Crowe will play the Sheriff, and Brian Grazer has revealed more about the scope of the film, which sounds rather grand considering the comparison:

“Nottingham is the Gladiator version of Robin Hood...I think it will have the same propulsion that ‘Gladiator’ had - the same adrenaline hits.”

Meanwhile Ridley Scott himself talked about the plot and revealed more through MTV Movies Blog:

“Richard the Lionheart is on his return from the Crusades [when] he took an arrow in his neck and died...His brother, John, [becomes king.]...

...[John, the new King] was actually pretty smart...[But] he got a bad rap because he introduced taxation. So he’s the bad guy in this...

...You’ve got the returning Nottingham who is the right hand man of Richard and witnesses Richard taking the arrow...And so he comes back to England to carry forward Richard’s dream about England.”

The Sheriff then tries to do the right thing while the corrupt and hugely unpopular King orders him to arrest outlaws and bring peace to his land, and he's caught between this legal responsibility and the growing popularity and movement of the outlaw Robin Hood who is rousing the people to stand against the King.

The question is do you like that version of Robin Hood? Is it something that you can see working?

Certainly from here it seems much better than the early talk of just making the Sheriff the hero, but then thankfully that was early rumour. This seems as though it's applying a much more real world view to it, shades of grey rather than the legend-esque black and white of hero and villain. It could turn out to be rather interesting after all.



I think you've nailed it with your comment of a more 'real world view'. This sounds like it's much more realistic than I first assumed it would be.


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