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Roberts joins Kidman in Monte Carlo

JuliaRoberts.jpgWe already heard that Nicole Kidman was starring in a film called Monte Carlo which actually began way back in 2005.

Now we hear that Julia Roberts has signed up to star alongside her and that there may well be another big name female star yet to sign.

From the original story it was meant to be four women, but now the film sees three midwest U.S. women trying to bag themselves some wealthy husbands by travelling to Monte Carlo, Monaco, and pretending to be rich heiresses, only to meet three gigolos who are passing themselves off as well-off playboys.

Fox 411 has the news that Julia Roberts has signed up as the second of the women alongside Nicole Kidman and that Director Thomas Bezucha is leading the film. Now there's just one lady yet to sign up, and the chances are that she'll be another big name to match the two already there.

also play around with the idea that perhaps it will be another actress in the same age group, which would actually make sense. Who do you see fitting that bill?

The other question is if they are coming up against three men who are pretending to be playboys, then perhaps these will also be big named actors? Now if they could pull that off then the film could turn out to be a lot of fun. George Clooney would be perfect for one, imagine the casting possibilities.



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