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Rodriguez on Zombie film

Fragile_Cover.jpgNot Robert but Eduardo Rodriguez has signed to direct a zombie film based on a graphic novel, but this is a zombie story with a twist, the zombies are good guys...well some of them are. By some I mean some of the zombie, not some bits of the zombies...oh you know what I mean!

Fragile tells the story of an airborne virus which has turned most of the Earth's population into zombies. An newly turned undead soldier teams up with a female zombie and a human teenager to try and find a cure, all the time they are being hunted by the military team that the soldier used to belong to.

Sounds bizarre doesn't it? Jeff Dixon is writing the screenplay from the Stefano Raffaele graphic novel which turns our ideas around about zombies...although saying that I have no idea why these zombies don't want to bite the teenager.

Eduardo Rodriguez is currently working on Open Grave, which I wrote about a little while ago. The story from Variety sounds interesting, a new direction for the zombie genre, which I think once again is getting a little tired.



Richard, there is one benefit with all these zombie movies coming out, it will at least feed all those "zombie" actors/actresses and keep them in a job!! By the way check this out, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDAFgh8Xpxk
It looks real cool.

Oh Mike, I saw that film - one star!

Flight of the Living Dead


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