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Rodriguez says Barbarella may be back

Barbarella.jpgDespite the news that Barbarella was being quietly pushed away by Universal, it seems that it might be coming back to them.

Robert Rodriguez had said that the issues were with the big budget, not the rumoured issue with Rose McGowan taking the lead, something I am inclined to believe. Now he's saying that the budget has been reduced and they might make it after all.

According to his comments at the Spike TV Scream Awards through IESB, Barbarella is currently budgeted at US $82 million and Universal is willing to do it for US $60 million, something that they could well do.

He said that they will know in a week whether Barbarella is going to get made and that it might well go back to Universal.

It's great that the issue is getting sorted, and I never believed that the problem was Rose McGowan, I actually think that she'd make quite a sexy lead, however I still don't think they can improve on that original in any way.



I have to admit that I was pretty keen on a Barbarella remake. It had been some time since I'd seen it so I watched the original again over the weekend and wow. I'm just not sure whey we care if this gets made or not. It's a crappy movie with only one redeeming quality: an ubber sexy Jane Fonda.

I don't think a remake is necessary or, for that matter, that it will make any money. I think people are excited about the *idea* of a remake rather than whether anyone would actually watch it.

That's what I thought when I originally heard the news - a very "of it's time" film.

By that I mean that the sixties was all about sexual freedom and in particular that of female sexuality, and so we saw the strong sexually aware and in control character exploiting that newly found feeling.

That's hardly pushing the boundaries anymore.


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