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Romero's Diary of the Dead gets sequel

GeorgeARomero.jpgGeorge A. Romero hasn't even completed his latest zombie film Diary of the Dead and already there's a sequel being talked about.

More than a sequel (is that a song?) in fact it looks as though it's a signed deal…if someone will pay for the film that is.

According to the story in The Hollywood Reporter Films and Romero-Grunwald Productions have already given the sequel go ahead, and it will see George A. Romero directing from his own screenplay.

The film will continue from where Diary of the Dead will end, the survivors will escape to an island where they start fighting the dead all over again.

You know if this wasn't Romero I might be tempted to ask just how much someone can squeeze out of the same idea. Actually, even though it is Romero I'm asking that question.

Isn't the idea of people being terrorised by zombies and trying to escape their evil clutches just been done to death? Well apparently not, and if this sequel goes ahead it will show there's still life left in the dead.



Well Rich, I must say that there isn't much leway when it comes to Zombie flicks. I mean apart from making them fast, how they became zombies, the setting and maybe how the characters escape, but all in all it's the same stuff.

But Zombies are a movie monster which has rules, just like Vampires, so when you make a new movie about the monster, they all will have simularities. There is no way around that.

It's the take on it which I always look for. Example, Dawn of the Dead was a good Zombie flick because it made the Zombies fast and strong (somthing a bit different). Land of the Zombies showed us a world they already had Zombies and their control slipped and all hell breaks loose. Shawn of the Dead, one of my favorites, is a great take on adding humor to the Zombie genre.

Aside from giving them thought (wait, I think that one is coming) there isn't much people can do with them except give us new stories of where Zombies are and who is trying to get away.

I'm a pretty big fan of a good zombie movie and it's always interesting on how people can give us a new Zombie experience.

Simularities are fine Brad, (and good to see you back!), but they need something a bit different nowadays for each film, just as you say.

I think the freshest view to date will be the World War Z film, if you've read that you'll know that they have a more real world take on the creatures.


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