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RPM supercar racing and heists

HondaS2000.jpgWhile writing up the story about Simon West directing Thunder Road, I caught my eye on his latest project, RPM, and the plot sounds rather interesting.

Think The Fast and the Furious with super cars and two thieves who use the worldwide race circuit to hide their true identity and the crimes they commit.

Now I'm interested. The story is written by J.H. Wyman who wrote the script for The Warriors, a film that is believed to be directed by Tony Scott.

It sounds like a great mix of worlds, high risk and reward heists with super car racing around the exotic locations of the world. Add to that the fact that the thieves are a team and that this is the heist to end their career and their need to pull off any others.

To me that sounds like a lot of fun, and Simon West can deliver fun, entertainment and action - see my discussion of that very point in the next article.



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