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Scott brothers do Poe

EdgarAllanPoe.jpgRidley and Tony Scott are getting together again to produce a film based on a famous Edgar Allan Poe short story called The Tell-Tale Heart.

The story is narrated by someone who has murdered an old man and hidden his body parts underneath the floor boards of his house, and he cannot get the murder out of his mind and believes that the man's heart is still beating.

The film is looking like getting a US $20million budget and Michael Cuesta to direct. Cuesta has directed some episodes of Dexter and Six Feet Under.

The story from Yahoo News sounds rather interesting, and while Ridley Scott and Tony Scott produce a lot under their banner, this does sound like a rather interesting film from.

I wonder how they can turn this into a film, and if the concentration will be more on the inward madness and paranoia or will it be mixed up with a higher paced thriller more suited to the Scott's usual style?

Whichever, it is great that we're seeing some more of this classic writer, let's see some strong adaptations from his excellent work.



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