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Sedgwick and Butler are Game

KyraSedgwick.jpgKyra Sedgwick has joined the Gerard Butler starrer Game, which also stars Michael C. Hall.

The film is a futuristic one that tells the story of a worldwide online game called Slayers where the players control real life people. Gerard Butler is the current leader of the game but decides to rebel against it and try and break free.

The story comes from Coming Soon through Jo Blo. Meanwhile Moviehole has news that the film is looking for sexy female twins to play with Gerard Butler online.

The life of a film star is really tough, I'm glad that's not me...[sounds of sobbing]

Kyra Sedgwick will, for me, always remind me of two films, Singles and Phenomenon.



I suppose I don't have to say the films that will always remind me of Gerry. ;) Awww!!!

Oh dear lord!

You know I am not just going to let that comment unnoticed. :p


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